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Located in Shimba National Reserve, Shimba is 48km from Mombasa town and is a 45 minutes drive from the ferry or from Kenya’s south coast.  e reserve is one of the last remaining habitats of the rare Sable antelope in East Africa a treat you will not want to miss. Other animals seen are elephants, colobus monkeys, giraffe, and buffalo and if you’re lucky you may get to see a leopard. On a clear day one can see the outline of Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. 

Apart from game, the park offers stunning panoramic observation points with views sometimes as far as the ocean.  e park has over a thousand species of plants some endemic to the area. With a lineage of over 200 million years the Cycad is a palm like plant of the forest undergrowth. Shimba is only habitat of the magnificent Sable antelope in the country. Other regular visitors to Shimba are herds of African Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes, and Colobus monkey and Bushbabies. Carnivores include leopard and spotted hyena. 

Deep in the national reserve is a spectacular breathtaking 82 foot waterfall with a natural plunge pool. A shower in the cool clean waters of the fall or a dip in the pool is quiet refreshing after the walk. As you walk following the trail, the ranger or naturalist will educate you on the rich flora and fauna found in the park. You may spot some of those rare butterflies including Acraea aubyni an orange black butterfly that flies slowly.  is is about a 45 minute gentle walk from the drop off point and one must be accompanied by our naturalist or KWS ranger. 

Sundowner After your afternoon tea takes a drive 10 km south of the lodge to our nature walk area. On the way you are likely to spot a herd of elephants or buffaloes. We alight from the vehicle at the sundowner site and walk up a small hill from where you’ll watch a spectacular African sunset and the silhouette of the Usambara Mountains in the neighboring Tanzania. Just before dark, you make your way down the hill and a bon fire awaits you where you will enjoy some refreshments.  e resident naturalist takes you through the History of the lodge the park and its inhabitants. You leave for the lodge before nightfall.

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