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Malindi is one of Kenya's coastal towns north of Mombasa. Just like Mombasa, Malindi holds a lot of history. Its scenic beauty and clean white beaches makes it one of the most visited towns. The Swahili people are the predominant culture found in Malindi. 

The tour of Malindi area will encompass a visit to the lost city of Gedi, the town of Malindi, a visit to the Arabuko Sokoke forest, Mida creek and lunch at Hemingway’s Hotel.

Malindi was made famous after Vasco da Gama's stop over in 1498. In Malindi, you will see narrow alleys in the old part of town where the old houses have been lived in for centuries. One of the oldest East African churches still stands strong; the Church of St. Francis Xavier still stands strong across from Vasco da Gama's pillar, where he carved the Christian cross. Also extant is the Juma'a mosque, which was misused as a haven for slave trading until mid 1870's.

12 miles from Malindi is the town of Gedi. Despite Gedi's close proximity to Malindi, it was never a focus of any European activity. In fact, Gedi was allegedly an invisible town never mentioned in any manuscripts or writing. Swahili Muslims established a mosque, homes and ran the town.

The local museum curator approximates the town population to have had over 2000 people in the early 16th Century but yet by 18th Century it was deserted. The area is now a historical museum and is popularly known as Gedi Ruins. At Gedi, you will be able to see the king's palace, tombs of important local personalities, a sunken court and the artefacts that are displayed at the museum.

The glass boat ride in the marine park takes you out to sea, where you will be able to see some sensational fishes. If you wish, you can snorkel too. The beautiful coral rocks are out of this world experience.

For lunch, we make plans for you to visit Hemingway’s Hotel. Malindi used to be a popular spot for Ernest Hemingway.

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