Set on the southern side of the Masai Mara, not far from the Tanzanian border and the famous Serengeti, Siana Springs borders the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world. Built on the Siana Conservancy belonging to the local Purko Maasai, the tented camp takes its name from the conservancy, for Siana in Maa means ‘plentiful’ and Siana Springs has the largest number of water springs in the Mara ecosystem.

The springs, fed from rain water percolating down the Ngama Hills feed the streams and rivulets with fresh, clean water flowing through an amazing forest of lush palms and indigenous plants that is home to a denizen of forest animals like the earth coloured bushbuck, tree hyrax and the colobus monkeys that reside at Siana Springs.

Normally elusive and occasional seen in the wild, the bushbuck stroll in the garden not shying away from the guests. On the high canopies of the indigenous trees, resident troops of colobus monkeys leap from branch to branch, foraging for leaves.     
The tree hyrax, a tree-climbing rodent-like animal, being nocturnal spends most of the day resting in the hollows of the trees where it’s easy to see one at close quarters by your tents.

Set on spacious grounds, the 39 standard luxury tents ( 5 double bedded, and 34 twin bedded) - sectioned into 3 wings namely, Bamboo( 20 tents,) Acacia (10tents), and Palm( 9 tents) - are  set beneath forest creepers, gigantic fig trees  and the African acacias surrounding by the perennial springs with the resident bushbucks, colobus monkeys and tree hyrax for company. 

Spacious with plenty of light, the tents open to the private verandah from where guests can enjoy watching the birds and other wildlife, including the resident bushbucks browsing in the gardens. To ensure the safety of the guests, the camp is secured by a low voltage perimeter fence to deter big game from encroaching into the gardens.