Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is located on the south coast off Shimoni and south of Wasini Island in Kwale District on the south Kenyan coast near the Tanzanian border. The complex covers a marine area with four small islands surrounded by coral reef. Kisite island is a small waterless coral island, 8 km offshore in the Marine Park. 

Coral platforms around the raised central portion are exposed at low tide. The three other coral islets in the park (Mpunguti ya Juu, Mpunguti ya Chini and Liwe la Jahazi) lie closer to the larger Wasini Island, are scrub covered and support no significant wildlife or birds. The surrounding waters have well developed coral gardens and a large variety of fish.

Climatic conditions - The coast is humid with mean annual temperatures ranging from 22-34°C rainfall is about 500 mm per annum

Major Attractions - Coral Gardens

Marine life: Comprises more than 250 recorded species, including fish, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, corals, sea grass, and gastropods.

Birds: many seabirds in large nesting colonies and internationally significant numbers of crab-plover and roseate tern.

Access -Roads: 40 km from Mombasa via Diani and Kwale

Accommodation - The Shimoni Bandas, a picnic site, information centre

Best time to visit - All year round

Activities - Swimming, sailing, snorkellin, driving

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