The village tour we offer is to Makongeni Village. Makongeni Village is situated about 2 kilometres from the road between Mombasa and Msambweni and about 80 kilometres southern of Mombasa in the district Kwale (between Mombasa and Tanzania). The village has approximately 1200 to 1500 very poor inhabitants and is scattered over a large surface. It has no clean water, no electricity and there are no sanitary provisions. 

To reach the houses one has to cross through the jungle and rocky areas. Finding one house most of the time means that there are one or more houses in the immediate surrounding. Characteristic for the houses is their simple building, sometimes made of loam, sometimes made of stones. In the houses it is very dark and often the roofs are leaky. It is crawling with vermin and insects.

  • Generally spoken one can say that people do everything in these little houses.
  • Welcoming drink of coconut
  • Traditional dance
  • Mangroove walk
  • Coconut climbing
  • Village walk
  • See the projects of Rafiki Kenia Foundation
  • Children show
  • See women weaving carpets etc
  • Selling African clothes
  • Selling African weavings
  • Food, drinks and women performing
  • Visit a local school


After this visit to a traditional village you will be brought back to your hotel.